The Specification of Computer Programs

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Hardware and software. Classification of Software. System software. Describe the different types of application software and the criteria for selecting appropriate software for particular purposes.

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Application software. Awareness of the development of programming languages and the limitations of both machine-code and assembly-language programming. Generations of programming language. Define each type of language translator and describe situations where each would be appropriate. Types of program translator.

College of Engineering Recommended Computer Specifications for Students

From Wikibooks, open books for an open world. Understand the relationship between hardware and software and be able to define both. Be aware of how software is classified. Be able to explain what is meant by system software and application software.

Understand the need for and attributes of different types of software. ECE does not recommend purchasing a new laptop with specifications less than those shown below. All computers must have an active antivirus subscription before being connected to the campus network. Systems running Windows 8 and above have the built-in Microsoft Defender installed.

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In addition, many other software packages are available at steep discounts through the Campus Computer store. Skip to main content.

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Operating System Requirement Undergraduate students will be required to install specific software packages on their laptops. Required Software All computers must have an active antivirus subscription before being connected to the campus network.

Package Availability Microsoft Office Free to students. Instructions for access.

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