The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy

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But I must complain, for all the things he preaches for the happiness of humanity only complicate life to the point where It becomes harder and harder for me to live. Lyovochka woke me this morning with passionate kisses… […] I have succumbed to the most unforgivable debauchery — and at my age too!

She longed, she says, to study music, and yet she must negotiate with villagers about firewood. Her marriage, always turbulent, became increasingly fraught as the couple aged. She tried to kill herself numerous times — she is constantly flinging herself into ponds and ditches and wandering about in the Russian winter in only her nightdress after fights with her husband. The tone of the diaries is energetic and passionate; as she grows old, and her marriage deteriorates, the emotional intensity of the entries increases. Lev finally leaves her, travelling with his doctor, his youngest daughter Sasha, and Chertkov to a tiny railway station called Astapovo.

The War between the Diaries

Here he dies, and Sofia is kept from his deathbed until the very last moment. The diaries after this point are muted and perfunctory; without Lev, her life is diminished. The notes on the text are exhaustive, and the introduction gives the biographical context. Any Cop? Coffee, champagne, opium and liver massage are useful remedies for all manner of illnesses.

So the real life drama is close to the story.

TPP | Sofia Tolstoy and feminism

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The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy

While reading it, I was so enthralled that I found myself dreaming about Sofia, about speaking to her myself, desperately wanting to reach out to her and offer her words of comfort for her pain. Sofia Tolstoy was the wife of Leo Tolstoy for nearly fifty years. She gave birth to his thirteen children and raised his numerous grandchildren, keeping a detailed diary of her entire married life. Du kanske gillar. The Testaments Margaret Atwood Inbunden.

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When Sofia Behrs married Count Leo Tolstoy, the author of "War and Peace", husband and wife regularly exchanged diaries covering the years from to