Leaving Welfare: Employment And Well-being Of Families That Left Welfare In The Post-Entitlement Era

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Is the American Dream still attainable?

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The Census Bureau reports a poverty rate of 15 percent. More than one in five children lives in poverty. And data also point to lower levels of economic mobility, meaning people who grow up poor are less likely to move into the middle and upper class. Given these statistics, what role do states play in ensuring every American has the opportunity to succeed?

Listen to this video from NCSL's Legislative Summit to hear their answers and learn about the policies they see as helpful to keep the American Dream alive. Mathur received her Ph. At AEI, her research has focused on income inequality and mobility, tax policy, labor markets and small businesses. She has published in several top scholarly journals, testified several times before Congress and published numerous articles in the popular press on issues of policy relevance.

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Gregory Acs | The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty

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    The Impact of Welfare Reform on Leaver Characteristics, Employment and Recidivism

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