Dissociation in Argumentative Discussions: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective (Argumentation Library)

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Argument density and argument diversity in the license applications of French provincial printers, — The conventional validity of the pragma-dialectal freedom rule. Reasoning and argumentation: Towards an integrated psychology of argumentation. Kraus, Manfred Theory and Practice in Language Studies Richardson, John E. Communication Studies Communication Studies. Linguistics Pragmatics.

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Philosophy Philosophy. Introduction Frans H. Part I. Forms and conceptions of argumentation.

Dissociation in Argumentative Discussions: A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective (Argumentation Library)

Craig and Karen Tracy. Hearing is believing: A perspective-dependent account of the fallacies Christopher W. Indicators of dissociation M. A collaborative model of argumentation in dyadic problem-solving interactions Matthieu Quignard. The argumentative dimension of discourse Ruth Amossy. Designing premises Jean Goodwin. On the pragmatics of argumentative discourse Lilit Brutian. From argument analysis to cultural keywords and back again Eddo Rigotti and Andrea Rocci.

Part II. Empirical studies of argumentative practice. The accusation of amalgame as a meta-argumentative refutation Marianne Doury.

Episode 1.2: Understanding Arguments

Constructing the imagined antagonist in advertising argumentation Albert Atkin and John Richardson. Coductive and abductive foundations for sentimental arguments in politics Bruce E.

Argumentation Theory

William Balthrop and Carole Blair. Aesthetic arguments and civil society Gerard A. Um Hoon. The methodology of the book derives from recent work in argumentation theory and AI in which forms of reasoning other than deductive and inductive have been the focus of much The theory in the book is based on the latest research in argumentation theory, and especially on Argumentative Indicators: A Pragma-Dialectical Study identifies and analyses English words and expressions that are crucial for an adequate reconstruction of argumentative discourse.

It provides the analyst of argumentative discussions and texts with a systematic set of instruments for giving a well founded analysis which results in an analytic Dissociation is a pervasive argumentative technique used in many public and private realms.

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This is the first book to offer a systematic theoretical study of dissociation, and it includes numerous examples from various cultures and contexts. This is This volume collects twenty essays that examine theoretical issues in the study of argumentation. It provides a multidisciplinary and even interdisciplinary outlook on the current state of affairs in argumentation theory.

It illuminates an area of rhetoric and logic which has remained obscure for more than two thousand years. Starting from a clearly defined theoretical basis, they report about a continued series of experimental tests.

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In this book, the authors report on their Systematic Empirical Research of the Conventional Validity Infinite regress arguments are part of a philosopher's tool kit. But how sharp or strong is this tool? The author has collected and evaluated a host of infinite regress arguments, comparing and contrasting many of the formal and non-formal properties. But how sharp or strong is this Toggle navigation. New to eBooks.

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