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Like, embarrassingly messy. At the age of 27, I still have trouble keeping my room clean. But soon it becomes chaotic again with clothes strewn across the floor, empty water glasses piling up on my bedside table and clutter from the everyday things that accumulate throughout the week.

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The idea is to immediately do any tasks that come up if they will take one minute or less to complete. Take the extra 20 seconds to place them back in your closet. If you have breakfast and just need to clean your bowl and glass, spend 45 seconds washing them before heading out to work. Seem too simple to be effective? Well, think about it.

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All of that mess could easily have been taken care of in less than a minute if I had just chosen to put in that extra bit of effort at the time. Instead, all of those little messes add up and soon I have to spend my whole Saturday afternoon cleaning up, organizing, and decluttering. If you use online banking, take a minute to pay bills immediately when you receive them to avoid forgetting and having to pay late fees.

Anything that takes 60 seconds or less, should be done right away. For all its simplicity, the One Minute Rule has really helped me de-clutter my life. Not only do I feel more productive , but I actually have more time on my hands.

33 Ways to Declutter Your Life (and Keep It That Way!)

Mind clutter is often related to the past. Most people keep a large cabinet of mental drawers stored in the back of their minds. Take the time to go through those mental drawers and discard memories of the past that are not serving you well and are just cluttering up your current life. If your house is a mess and you need to organize and declutter it, how would you begin? You would probably start by choosing one important area—for example, the kitchen table—and clearing it of all clutter.

During that time push all mental clutter to the side and focus all of your attention on the task at hand. If anything else tries to work its way onto the table, mentally push it off.

1. Spend 15 minutes decluttering each day.

Too much information can clog up the brain. This includes the information that you take in each day by reading newspapers, blogs, and magazines; watching TV; participating in social media; surfing the web on your smart phone; and so on. Limit the amount of information that comes into your life—and create space in your brain—by doing the following:. If your in-box is filled with documents, but you fail to make decisions on what to do with each one, what will happen? Soon, your in-box will be overflowing with letters, bills, requests from prospective clients, and so on.

The same thing applies to your brain.

If you put off making decisions, your brain will soon be overflowing with all of the decisions that you need to make. The solution is to be decisive. For simple decisions, follow an approach such as the one recommended by Benjamin Franklin: create a pros-and-cons list. Small, routine tasks can occupy a lot of brain space. This can include things such as the following:.

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One of them, Sheldon Cooper, loves routines and has one for just about everything. Of course, Sheldon takes things a bit overboard, but you get the picture. Get as many small, routine tasks as you can out of your head by setting them on automatic.

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Nothing creates as much brain clutter as an endless to-do list. Make a short list of your top priorities, and make sure that the bulk of your brain space is devoted to the things on that list. In essence, meditation is learning to focus the mind completely on the present moment.

How to Declutter Your Life and Your Mind

When you learn how to place all of your attention on one thing—such as your breath—, all other thoughts disappear. Mental clutter leads to congestion in our inner world. It gets in the way of being able to think clearly, and to focus on what really matters. This year, live your best life by decluttering your mind. You can get started by following the 10 ways to declutter your mind explained above.

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