Computer-Aided Engineering for Manufacture

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This programme has been designed with industry input and uses standard industry software such as PTC Creo for 3D modelling and manufacturing simulation and ANSYS for Finite Element Analysis to give you an understanding of the fundamental principles of engineering - design, control, materials and manufacturing methods - as well as learning how to provide solutions to complex engineering problems. Graduates have found success in a variety of local, national and international industries and consultancies, such as mechanical, aerospace, electronics, offshore, local authority, manufacturing and building services.

Download the Programme Specification for a detailed breakdown of its structure, what you will learn and other useful information.

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This programme focuses on these skills and gives students a solid Mechanical Engineering education accredited by the IMechE. All entry requirements listed here should be used as a guide and represent the minimum required to be considered for entry. Applicants who are made a conditional offer of a place may be asked to achieve more than is stated. Foundation Apprenticeship Accepted as equivalent to one Higher as part of the overall grade profile of Highers required for entry.

Any essential subjects at Higher should still be achieved in addition to the Foundation Apprenticeship. Please note: if you are from a majority English speaking country , you may not be required to provide further proof of your English Language proficiency. Each application to GCU is considered on an individual basis. The tuition fees you pay are mostly determined by your fee status.

What is my student fee status? Visit our part-time and distance-learning fee schedules. Fees are subject to change and published here for guidance only. Fees and refund policy.

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As a student at the University, there are additional fees and costs which may or may not apply to you, but that you should be aware of. View our Undergraduate scholarships. There will be a whole host of fun and informative activities taking place during this period, including campus tours, city tours and social events where you can meet other international students.

Where possible, we encourage you to arrange travel to allow you to arrive in time to enjoy these. Accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE on behalf of the Engineering Council for the purposes of fully meeting the academic requirement for registration as a Chartered Engineer.

CAE and Design | The George W. Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering

In partnership with HM Forces, GCU has identified this programme is being particularly suited to military and ex-military men and women. In the first year of the programme there are no end-of-trimester examinations. A number of integrated approaches are employed to achieve the necessary aims, objectives and learning outcomes required at this advanced level. To this end, a variety of teaching and learning methods and strategies are applied on the programme appropriate to the module material and to the specific aims and objectives involved.

For example, some of the modules are more theoretical in nature or heavily practical or software based, whilst others are more discursive and presentation based. Reference architecture is the basis from which information model, especially product and manufacturing models.

The term CAE has also been used by some in the past to describe the use of computer technology within engineering in a broader sense than just engineering analysis. This cycle is iterated, often many times, either manually or with the use of commercial optimization software.

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CAE tools are very widely used in the automotive industry. In fact, their use has enabled the automakers to reduce product development cost and time while improving the safety, comfort, and durability of the vehicles they produce.

Computer-Aided Engineering for Manufacture

The predictive capability of CAE tools has progressed to the point where much of the design verification is now done using computer simulations diagnosis rather than physical prototype testing. CAE dependability is based upon all proper assumptions as inputs and must identify critical inputs BJ. Even though there have been many advances in CAE, and it is widely used in the engineering field, physical testing is still a must. It is used for verification and model updating , to accurately define loads and boundary conditions and for final prototype sign-off. Even though CAE has built a strong reputation as a verification, troubleshooting and analysis tool, there is still a perception that sufficiently accurate results come rather late in the design cycle to really drive the design.

This can be expected to become a problem as modern products become ever more complex. They include smart systems , which leads to an increased need for multi-physics analysis including controls , and contain new lightweight materials, to which engineers are often less familiar.

CAE software companies and manufacturers are constantly looking for tools and process improvements to change this situation. On the software side, they are constantly looking to develop more powerful solvers, better use computer resources and include engineering knowledge in pre- and post-processing.

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This should increase modeling realism and calculation speed. On top of that, they try to better integrate CAE in the overall product lifecycle management. In this way, they can connect product design with product use, which is an absolute must for smart products. Such an enhanced engineering process is also referred to as predictive engineering analytics.

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Lemon, CAE pioneer".